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Fortnite kicks off Season 5, adds kart and leaves rifts

Published: 11:04, 12 July 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite Season 5's new vehicle called All Terrain Kart
Fortnite, All Terrain Kart

Fortnite's much awaited Season 5 has officially kicked off and Epic's penchant for the mysterious has not been in vain as the dev added team oriented karts, a new desert biome and two new locations - Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

Fortnite's servers are still down at the moment of writing, so let's recap what to expect from Fortnite's Season 5. There's a bunch of changes by the way, so better take a deep breath.

Firstly, the all terrain kart, or ATK, which is sure to provide hours upon hours of fun for teams willing to work together. This team-oriented goof-mobile can fit an entire squad and has some clever mechanics to match.

The ATK gets a speed boost from drifting, while its roof acts as a bounce pad, which is good for both looking ahead and just being silly. Moreover, players will "work together as rear passengers" by leaning back and releasing simultaneously to achieve better air time.

There's an entire new desert biome, which proves the cat-like creature from Epic's Fortnite Season 5 teases was indeed Egyptian goddess Bastet. There are two new locations, Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, as well as several unnamed points of interest across Fortnite's island.

There's changes to Fortnite's match dynamics as well, with centers of storm circles 7, 8 and 9 now randomly shifting directions, giving latter stages of matches some much needed unpredictability, at least in terms of storm circles.

Epic unified weekly challenges as well, splitting them into free and Battle Pass ones, where the first three will be free, while the rest are only for Fortnite's Battle Pass owners. You'll still need at least 4 completed challenges to qualify for the weekly challenge reward.

If Epic are to be believed, and they usually are, Fortnite's rifts will remain and we'll actually be interacting with them, although how exactly will remain a mystery until the game is online. The company says, "Test your courage and step through a Rift. You're in for a wild ride." How many rides is that in total Epic, since you've been taking us on plenty these days. Not that we mind, of course.

Epic Games Screenshot of reality rifts from Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite

Anyhow, it won't be long now and we can't wait. Rift me barkeep!

You can find Fortnite's official Season 5 patch notes .

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