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Epic Games warn the public to be wary of Fortnite V-Bucks scams

Published: 15:39, 28 May 2018
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Epic Games have recently tweeted that the public should watch out for websites that try to entice you with lavish offers of tons of free V-Bucks and once again reminded that the only way to get V-Bucks is thorough them, or through Fortnite.

The company was slightly more descriptive on Fortnite's forums, where they mentioned a site called Fortnite Special. Of course, it's hardly the only one out there but Epic stressed they've got nothing to do with any of them.

Indeed, a quick google search reveals a bunch of sites offering all sorts of Fortnite deals and just dying to bathe you in V-Bucks. From what we can see, there are mostly two kinds - those that require you filling out surveys and those described as V-Bucks generators.

Neither of the two solutions works of course because you either buy V-Bucks directly from Epic Games or through Fortnite: Save The World. At best, you'll be wasting a bunch of time, filling out forms. At worst, you'll be providing someone with credit card data. I don't think there's an in-game emote for that.

I'd normally be inclined to say that none of the ol' internet wolves need warnings against scams so obvious, they're almost funny. However, you'd be surprised, I know I was, at how many people don't pick up on it.

Fortnite is not just any game, it has become a global phenomenon so you can't expect the entirety of its playerbase to be anti-scam savvy. In fact, that same has quite a few users thanking Epic Games for the info, many of them citing personal experiences or examples of friends falling for V-Bucks scams.

Like we've said, some of them wasted only time, while others caught viruses and malware. To be fair, nowhere in the post are there reports of phishing by these sites but it's fair to assume we just haven't stumbled onto them.

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