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Epic Games Store update fixes high CPU usage issue

Published: 11:56, 30 December 2020
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Epic Games Store

Epic Games have released a hotfix for their storefront, which partially fixes the high CPU usage issue that surfaced last week. The patch 11.0.2 is not a full solution but the devs say it should improve things.

Last week, players starter reporting a weird issue with the Epic Games Store. Running the app, even in background resulted in pretty high idle CPU temps and high usage, which was cause for an alarm among the PC gaming community.

Luckily, Epic Games Store developers have been working on a fix over the last several days and today, the hotfix 11.0.2 has been released on PC with a potential solution for the high CPU usage bug. 

Epic Games Store dev Sergiy Galyonkin confirmed that the hotfix is not a full solution but it should improve things meaning that your CPU usage and temperatures when running the app should be much lower now. It seems that the team will continue to work on this issue until it's fully fixed. 

We can confirm that the app now works much better. In the Windows Task Manager, the reported usage of the CPU is around 1 per cent while the app also uses 70 MB of RAM. The temperatures have also dropped from 50c to 40c, which is a welcomed sight.

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It's certainly is not a perfect fix since this is still too much usage in idle but with the developers currently trying to purge the bug, it should not take long before the official update with full fix arrives. Stay tuned to the official Epic Games Store channels for more info.

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