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Epic Games Store is giving away 12 free games

Published: 18:16, 13 December 2019
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Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store will give away an impressive number of gamers before January. Starting next week, players will get one game each day but the titles are yet to be revealed.

Epic Games are set to enter full Holiday mood on their launcher - Epic Games Store. The publisher officially announced that they will continue with their popular promo which gives players at least one free game every two weeks. On top of this, there's another, special, holiday-themed promotion that will see Epic Games Store give away twelve games between now and January 2020.

The new freebies will officially start rolling out on 19 December 2019 and each day until the new year, players will get one free title to keep forever. Unfortunately, Epic Games decided to keep the presents wrapped for now so we don't know the full list of titles that will be coming by the end of the year.

And if this didn't get you all excited, Epic Games have another special gift - a holiday sale - that will be kicking off at the same time as the freebies - 19 December. Before this sale goes live, Epic Games have another one going on right now, to mark the last night's show - The Game Awards 2019.

Now that's a lot of free and discounted games and if you're looking to spend some money and expand your library, Epic Games Store really is second to none with their offer. 

Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us

Epic's regular promotion of two freebies each two weeks is currently ongoing. You can get The Wolf Among Us and The Escapist free of charge right now and all the way until 19 December 2019.

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