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Epic Store is getting cloud saves, wishlists and user reviews

Published: 09:22, 15 March 2019
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User reviews and wishlist features should arrive to Epic Games Store sometime in mid-2019 it's been revealed in the official roadmap. Cloud saves, improvements to offline mode and store redesign are planned to launch in the next few months.

Epic Games are working on a lot of new, much-requested features for their Epic Store. Just recently players got a pre-load option, regional pricing, offline mode functionality and one of the most basic features - store search.

In the latest roadmap shared by Epic Games, the company revealed their plans for 2019, and by the looks of it, many features that players are asking for are getting implemented during the course of the year.

Starting in April 2019, players will get additional store search options to help them find games by genre or tag and the store page will get a complete redesign to give developers more options in presenting their game to players. Furthermore, Epic Games wants to make it even easier for developers and publishers by adding the option to host videos natively in the store.

These features will be followed by May 2019 update that will introduce automatic cloud saves, improved patch sizes and additional purchase checks.

One of the most requested features at the moment is user reviews, but according to the roadmap, Epic Games won't implement it in the next four months. It's scheduled to arrive sometime in mid-2019 along with wishlists, newsfeed and follow improvements, additional payment methods, play time tracking and mod support

Long term plans include achievements, shopping cart, social overhaul and the ability to buy games with direct carrier billing. These options should arrive sometime in Autumn 2019.

Epic Games also listed some features that are currently planned, but the release date is yet to be announced. These include automated refunds, gifting, Korea games releases, Android version of the store and Arabic translation.

Epic Games The Epic Games Store's revenue split graph Epic's revenue split comparison graph

The latest update which arrived yesterday - 14 March 2019, added support for season pass content and fixed a couple of UI bugs.

You can check Epic Games Store for a closer look at upcoming features and latest patch notes.

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