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Fortnite now has Season 6 starting date, Battle Pass XP boosted

Published: 15:18, 01 October 2018
Epic Games
Loot Lake, in-game location from Epic's game Fortnite
Fortnite, Loot Lake

Fortnite should have "Speculation" as second name by now since everyone keeps trying to guess the next big thing in the world's biggest game at the moment. Well, no need to keep guessing when Season 6 will start, it's on 27 September 2018.

Season 6 has been the talk of the town long enough apparently and Epic Games have put an end to it via an official Twitter post. Along with the Season 6 start date, they have announced that Battle Pass progression will be four times as easy, considering match experience will be set to 400 per cent modifier.

The next season's theme will apparently be revolving around Game of Thrones or just medieval fantasy in general as Epic Games have made Valkyrie outfit and Frostwing Glider available recently. They both seem rather similar to the White Walkers and their merry band of undead dragons, humans and every other species around. Oh, we're speculating about Season 6.

In truth, there is no official information about Season 6 except the aforementioned date, 27 September 2018, but the boosted experience will last only until Monday, 24 September 2018, and will go away at 08:00 AM ET or 12:00 GMT. Therefore, those last few Battle Pass rewards might sound even more enticing now that their limited time is coming to an end.

Meanwhile, Fortnite's Fall Skirmish has commenced with Duos: Hold the Throne format. Group 1's matches have begun as of the time of writing, while Group 2's matches are expected to begin at 16:00 ET or 20:00 GMT. If you would like to tune in, you can follow this link to Fortnite's official Twitch stream. Oddly enough, it didn't garner as many viewers as CS:GO's esports considering that Fortnite was about 200 000 viewers behind CS:GO while both events have been ongoing.

Epic Games Fortnite's upcoming outfit called Wild Card Fortnite, one Wild Card outfit, four masks

The juicy part about Fall Skirmish is that $10 million will be distributed in prizes over six weeks while the event lasts. You can check the official scoring, rewards, live standings and schedules on Epic Games' official website.

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