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Fortnite raises $100 million for Ukraine

Published: 05:51, 30 March 2022
Epic Games

Ukraine has received a lot of support since the start of the war but Fortnite appears to be breaking some records as Epic Games reached a huge fundraising milestone.

Epic Games announced that the proceeds from the first two weeks of the new season in Fortnite would go straight to humanitarian aid donations in Ukraine and it immediately caught the eye of everyone who followed these events. The reason is the size of Fortnite and its sheer popularity that has an immense potential to generate revenue.

This turned out to be correct as Epic Games first became the company with the biggest donation for Ukraine out of any singular corporate entity. However, that happened back when the $70 million milestone was reached. Now, the game has generated over $100 million for humanitarian aid .

With the new milestone came the new collaboration as Epic announced they would also support World Central Kitchen, which is serving food to those in need. 

This number will definitely still grow before the funds stop being diverted to Ukraine as Epic Games will keep it up until April 3, 2022.

Until then, the company is maintaining an FAQ that is giving players a better overview of how their money is getting donated to Ukraine, including the list of organisations that will benefit from the direct cash injection and then proceed to do the good work where it's needed.

With the arrival of the Zero Build game mode, those who were on the fence of whether to play Fortnite or pay for any of it will probably get nudged as well, which should translate into more help to the victims of aggression.

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