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Epic commemorates the unluckiest of Fortnite rescues ever

Published: 18:24, 25 July 2018
Location of Epic's monument to a failed Fortnite rescue by Muself
Fortnite, monument location

Epic Megagames are going more epic by the minute as the company's latest update specifically tweaked the location where prominent Aussie streamer Muselk tried to pull off a spectacular rescue of a fellow Fortnite player a few days ago.

If you haven't seen the video in question, do it via the link below because it's hilarious. Landing where the Moisty Mire once used to be, Muselk sees one Fortnite player slowly driving a golf cart over the edge, which at the time seemed as a really slow and painful way of killing yourself.

After promptly wiping the poor driver, he realises that another Fortnite player has actually been stranded on the beach below the cliff, waiting to be rescued all that time. Yeah, the golf cart was actually meant to get him out.

Oh well, no biggie, it's time to build so Muselk starts building downwards but just as he was about to reach the beach, he realises why the first player was pushing the cart to the edge in the first place. It turned out that the Crusoe fellow on the beach was below construction level, meaning he couldn't get up high enough to build his way out of the proverbial hole.

Okay then, back to square one, Muselk goes and gets Fortnite's new Swiss knife vehicle, the golf cart. In hindsight, he probably could've done the whole golf cart sliding thing more carefully, because it went tumbling down and completely undid what he set out to do. Oh the irony.

With a relatively ungraceful tumble, the golf cart came crashing down the cliff, quite literally, even threatening to send our hero down to matchmake with the fishes. Ironically, both players learned each other's names after Muselk's golf cart headshotted poor Chappadoodle, launching him into the sea.

Epic Games Epic's monument to a failed Fortnite rescue by Muselk Fortnite's monument to a failed rescue mission

As you can see on the reddit in question, several Epic employees saw the post and laughed their behinds off, ultimately deciding to mark the in-game location of this great Fortnite tragedy with a gravestone and a stack of tires, so as to prevent players getting stuck.

Oh and it turns out that Chappadoodle jumped in front of Muselk's cart intentionally, so as to prevent him from drowning in the cart. We guess that one gentleman move deserves another.

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