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Echo - Overwatch's answer to the bunker meta

Published: 19:42, 19 March 2020
Overwatch - Echo origin story screenshot
Overwatch - Echo

Overwatch's 32nd hero is Echo - a robot created by Dr Mina Liao. Jeff Kaplan and TimTheTatman went over the new hero's abilities during a recent live stream and she is now available in Overwatch's PTR. Echo will be a DPS hero with some very interesting abilities.

After many months of waiting and speculating on which role the new hero will play in the grand scheme of things, we now know that Echo will be a DPS hero. Jeff Kaplan and TimTheTatman went over Echo's abilities in a recent stream. The 32nd hero is now live on Overwatch's PTR and you can hop in to give her a test run. 

Echo's base abilities and Ultimate

Mina Liao - Echo's creator made her into a 200 HP DPS hero. Her health is on the lower side but the Overwatch team threw in an ability that should help mitigate the low number. This ability will be her passive and allow her to glide while falling down.

Echo's primary ability - Tri-Shot - lets her shoot three projectiles grouped in a compact triangle. The projectiles deal 17 damage each and have the capability to dole out critical headshots.

Her secondary fire spews out a barrage of Sticky Bombs that detonate after a delay - as seen in the "Zero Hour" Overwatch 2 cinematic.

Echo's Flight ability will let her fly forward quickly and then free-fly for a brief moment. The ability is similar to Mercy's Guardian Angel but you won't have to target an ally in order to use it.

Focusing Beam will let Echo deal greater amounts of damage to enemies and their barriers when they are at under half health.

Echo's ultimate is the real kicker here. Titled Duplicate, the Ultimate ability will see Echo target an enemy hero, mimic them and, according to Jeff, charge the chosen hero's Ultimate 650% faster than normal.

This might seem highly overpowered but Kaplan and the devs are monitoring the situation in the PTR and will balance accordingly. 


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