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Anthem streamer breaks NDA, EA removes his entire Origin library

Published: 20:02, 10 December 2018
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A Twitch user called smokethrone has lost his whole library of games on Origin after breaking the Anthem closed alpha NDA. Streamer wanted to show some Anthem closed alpha action to his followers but faced serious consequences instead.

Breaking the NDA can turn out to be a vexatious issue and one Twitch user found that out the hard way. Streamer smokethrone was one of the lucky players who get their hands on Anthem closed alpha which ended just two days ago. Apparently, he was so excited to play the game that he decided to share some gameplay with his followers on Twitch.

Smokethrone started live streaming Anthem closed alpha, got to the connecting screen, and just when he thought he's next view will be Anthem's menu, his game and Origin crashed. He ran Origin again just to get a blank library page with "Your game library is currently empty" message.

EA revealed Anthem closed alpha on 30 November 2018 and the rules said that everything players experience in-game will have to keep for themselves. Talking about the game, streaming and sharing any type of in-game content on social media was strictly forbidden by NDA.

It's unknown if smokethrone missed the "no streaming" note or knowingly broke the NDA to share an exclusive look at EA's upcoming MMO shooter. Whether the reason behind it, EA certainly took steps to prevent it and may even overreact with their action.

A removal of Anthem closed alpha from his library would probably be enough but it's possible that NDA includes punishments like suspension or even removal of the whole library for those who decide to break the rules. At the moment, we don't know if EA permanently removed his games or it's just a suspension for a short period of time.

Anthem's forge and Javelin showcase Anthem - Power Armour Badass #71 Subset C Anthem - Power Armour Badass #71 Subset C

It will be interesting to see if Twitch takes action against the player as his Anthem closed alpha streaming also breaks Twitch's terms of service. All in all, smokethrone brought a lot of trouble upon himself for just a couple of seconds of Anthem content. Something tells us he won't be breaking any NDA's anytime soon.

Speaking about Anthem testings, EA and Bioware dates for open and closed beta testings. And don't worry, you can stream these as much as you like.

You can watch smokethrone's Origin library getting wiped out on LiveFails YouTube .

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