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Bioware show off Interceptor class in latest Anthem stream

Published: 20:37, 21 December 2018
picture showing a character from anthem
Anthem's Interceptor class

In the latest developer stream on Anthem's Twitch channel, lead producers on the game showed off some gameplay where we got a closer look at the Interceptor - a rogue-like class and three-man take on Strongholds which are Anthem's dungeons.

Since Anthem's open and closed beta testing is just around the corner, Bioware started to release fresh info and footage about the in-game classes and features which will be available at launch. 

In their latest developer live stream, Anthem's lead producers Mike Gamble, Ben Irving and game director Jon Warner have shown off the Interceptor class which is Anthem's take on the classic rogue class. Interceptor can be seen in the Legion of Dawn gear which was as a pre-order bonus earlier this month.

Interceptor's main is a throwing style weapon called Glaive and we also saw some sort of toxic grenades along with the ability to mark the enemies and deal more damage on them.

Pretty basic stuff we would say as many of you probably experienced these types of abilities in other games. Also, the team composition and gameplay loop remind us a lot of The Division with added flying ability and futuristic setting.

All these abilities and weapons are seen while the squad is doing one of the Strongholds which are Anthem's dungeons. The new one showed for the first time ever is called The Temple of the Scar and it's a big cave system with many wooden and metal platforms, and several larger rooms with mini-bosses and their minions.

Unfortunately, the devs shut down the live stream before reaching the main boss as they "didn't want to spoil the surprise". 

It took them around 25 minutes to finish the Stronghold without the main boss fight so we can expect that dungeons will require around half an hour to complete. Maybe even faster as game devs are known for their "Bad at my own game" ability.

BioWare Picture of a javelin in a hangar from Anthem by BioWare Anthem

All in all, Anthem looks fun but everything we've seen in the latest live stream didn't really feel fresh or new. The developers also confirmed that raids won't be in the game at launch which is pretty disappointing info but they assured the fans that Anthem will be a content-rich game right from the start. 

For more info about the upcoming looter-shooter, check out Anthem's open and closed beta and you find the latest live stream on Anthem's .

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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