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Dr Mundo visual update will have the best tower attack animation

Published: 01:10, 09 January 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Dr Mundo VGU
League of Legends - Dr Mundo VGU

Riot Games shared more details on the design direction for the Dr Mundo visual and gameplay update, which eventually produced what is probably the best tower attack animation in the game.

Dr Mundo is one of League's iconic characters and even non-mains tend to be fond of his not-so-brilliant doctor kind of character. Everyone keeps memeing about Mundo going where he pleases and Riot appears to have taken the community's interactions with the champion to heart.

In their visual and gameplay update (VGU) insights, the developers shared more info about what they are focusing on with the dumb doctor. Some of the main goals are to update the visuals and theme to match the League's updated looks better, improve his kit while retaining the super tank archetype from the ultimate and keep him a simple champion that chucks cleavers around.

While those things are not going to change that much, the team also wanted to emphasise Mundo's character a bit more. For example, they wanted to make sure everyone knows he's dumb and doesn't feel pain anymore, which resulted in the team making a brand new animation for the purple abomination, only to be used when attacking the turrets.

Most champions tend to attack these structures with basic attacks, Mordekaiser uses his weapon like a battering ram and Mundo is trying to decrease his already low brain cell count by smacking his head on the turret.

Riot Games Dr Mundo attacking a tower Dr Mundo attacking a tower

Mundo is also coming closer to his Hulk references as he will grow drastically upon using his ult, ripping the clothes clean off in the process .

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