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Dota Plus to keep some of Nemestice Pass features

Published: 15:57, 02 September 2021
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Valve announced that Nemestice Battle Pass is wrapping up soon but some of its features will remain as part of Dota Plus, on top of the other benefits.

Nemestice Battle Pass brought updates to the Item Assistant in Dota 2 with Neutral Item suggestions as well as improved Quick Buy recommendations. The battle pass is leaving but these features are here to stay for Dota Plus subscribers. Furthermore, the Chat Wheel sound effects from the battle pass can now be purchased with shards in the Shard Store.

That's not all when it comes to new Dota Plus benefits though. The Fall 2021 Seasonal Treasure is now available for purchase with shards. It is filled with new sets for Vengeful Spirit, Abadon, Nature's Prophet, Witch Doctor, Disruptor, Shadow Demon, Tusk, Legion Commander and Dark Seer. 

Furthermore, the loot box has a chance to unlock the Ol' Joe courier which is likely to be the main attraction since the skins are not going to win any beauty awards. In fact, players have been debating whether this is outdated content due to the quality of the cosmetics.

Anyway, if you need some more shards to throw at the loot box, the update brought a bunch of Dota Plus quests that should refresh your wallet with over 115,000 shards in total.


Valve Dota 2 - Void Spirit Dota 2 - Void Spirit

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