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Dota 2 gets Nemestice battle pass with new Arcana and two Personas

Published: 12:33, 24 June 2021
Dota 2 - Davion the Dragon Knight
Dota 2 - Davion the Dragon Knight

Valve revealed the next big event in Dota 2, the Nemestice, which also brings a Battle Pass the players can progress and obtain some awesome Arcana and Persona pieces.

Nemestice Battle Pass brings a massive amount of great cosmetics and other content to Dota 2 but it's usually the Persona and Arcana that take the spotlight in every Pass and this one is not different. The receivers of some of the best cosmetics this year are the Spectre, Dragon Knight and the Invoker. 

Spectre's Arcana puts her in a cursed armour set that entices her to kill more and more. As such, the hero gains more blades as she collects kills, for which she has a dedicated counter. Well, it counts the kill streak so don't reset it. Furthermore, the Arcana brings new effects for Blademail and Radiance. Scoring 100 Mega Kills will award the second style for the Arcana, bringing more value to the skin.

Davion's Persona will show the knight's face and he will let go of his shield in favour of a two-handed sword. You will now stun enemies by punching instead of bashing them.

Similarly, the Invoker's persona will change the appearance drastically but not thematically. Just like the Dragon Knight is obviously still Dragon Knight, the Invoker will be himself, although much younger. Yup, the Invoker will become an adolescent with this new cosmetic and while it's adorable, we are sure you will start hating the sight of it from the moment you run in a good Invoker.

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