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Dota 2 gets Diretide as players started to give up hope

Published: 12:00, 30 October 2020
Updated: 12:11, 30 October 2020
Dota 2 - Lycan
Dota 2 - Lycan

Valve added Diretide event to Dota 2 after players have been asking for it to return for a long time now. It brings Halloween-themed cosmetics and activities, as you might expect.

Diretide game mode is back in Dota 2 and players will be hunting for the candy all over the map while Roshan himself keeps growing hungrier and more aggressive in his own bid to grab a snack. 

Each team will be able to deposit collected taffy into their Jack o' Lantern but they can steal it from each other, provided they score a kill on taffy carrier or attack the base and the stash itself until it's bled dry. This is a quick rundown of the mechanics but you can check out the wiki or play the mode to see all the cool intricacies, such as sending Roshan after the enemy team.

This marks the return of the game mode after seven years since its last sighting in 2013. Players have been asking Valve to bring the mode back ever since and just when all hope seemed lost, Gaben's crew decided to oblige them.

Roshan's rewards will be available for Dota 2 players who engage in either the regular mode or Diretide. Each 100 points will unlock some new cosmetics such as new looks for the couriers, shader effects, cursors and more.

Halloween-themed skins, such as the one for Lycan, seen on the image above, will also be available for the duration of Diretide 2020 .

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