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Dota 2 gets a huge hero and item balance update

Published: 09:56, 18 August 2021
Dota 2
Dota 2

Valve released a chunky balance update that touched on almost everything in Dota 2, including the newest hero on the block, Dawnbreaker.

Dota 2 's massive balance updated altered a ton of items and heroes in a single sweep so while some changes might look like nerfs on paper, the overall update might end up indirectly buffing them or vice versa. In some cases, it's possible a hero or item's relative power might remain roughly the same as before but there is no doubt all these changes will shake up the meta, one way or another.

Dawnbreaker, the latest hero to be added to Valve's MOBA was not immune to the winds of change either as her kit got nerfed but also reworked in other ways. Starbreaker, for example, will no longer allow her to pass immovable hero-created terrain or area-denial abilities like Disruptor's Kinetic Field.

On the flip side, the ability will not get cancelled when Dawnbreaker gets rooted but the movement will still get interrupted. Furthermore, she finally joined the Aghanim's Shard club as the hero can now get one and grant herself magic immunity during Dawnbreaker.

The most significant buff the hero received is the ability to apply Aghanim's Scepter to her ulti, which will then reduce Solar Guardian's channel time to one second and allow Dawnbreaker to recast it in order to land early. It also provides 60 per cent evasion in the landing area before Dawnbreaker pops in and increases healing pulses from 45/70/95 to 60/90/120 as well as total airborne time by 3.5 seconds.

Valve Dota 2 - Dawnbreaker Dota 2 - Dawnbreaker

We found Dawnbreaker's changes to be the most interesting but they are just the tip of the iceberg in patch notes for 7.30 and other heroes, such as Broodmother, received significant changes as well.

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