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Dota 2 Aghanim’s Labyrinth update causes a stir among the fans

Published: 17:58, 17 July 2020
Valve Corporation
Aghanims labyrinth cover
The labyrinth with no end in sight

The latest Dota 2 event, Aghanim’s Labyrinth, was received with tonnes of praise from players. But a recent update that brought a lot of changes to the new event, many in the way of nerfs, has caused outrage within the community.

From blogs to social media, many Dota 2 fans have cried out against the recent changes brought to the new event via the latest update.

A Reddit post that has gained over one thousand and two hundred upvotes in the first eight hours since its posting, started the heated fans on a tirade over the newest nerfs.

The short post, simply titled “Please revert the Aghanim's Labyrinth nerfs” by a Reddit user sta-lker, points out that the newest changes to the game have spiked the difficulty of the already hard event, making it near impossible to win and even less so to enjoy yourself while playing it.

Based on the initial number of upvotes and comments on the post, many share this opinion.

A large number of players has come out in protest against the changes, saying that the “free for everyone” claims have been thrown in the trash, along with any new players picking up the game, as the event requires a level of experience with the game to even be playable for most.

But the noob unfriendly attitude is not the worst offender, in this case, the matchmaking hardships are making it very difficult for most players to find a team willing to put the effort in to actually do anything.

Valve Corporation Aghanims labyrinth trailer screenshot There is no escape

And in cases of premade teams with some Dota 2 experience, it is still unbelievably hard to progress beyond a certain point, as the difficulty of the event, combined with the slew of nerfs that hit the event, make even skilled players crack under the pressure.

This is not to say that the event is not fun, far from it this might be one of the most highly praised events in the last few years, even despite its hiccups.

With such an exciting event, the community has really tempered their reactions, but the glaring problems threaten to ruin the event for everyone, and the players are not happy about it.

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