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DOOM and DOOM II to get 60 FPS and quicksaves

Published: 17:25, 09 January 2020
DOOM - SIGIL megawad
DOOM - SIGIL megawad

Bethesda announced they are adding a pile of quality of life changes for DOOM and DOOM II through an update. It will enable 60 FPS and quicksaves, among other things. The latter might be controversial but also highly useful.

DOOM and DOOM II in 60 FPS should be a ton of fun but it will undoubtedly lose some of its retro charm. It will be native on all available platforms and will be quite the upgrade over the original 35 FPS limit. 

While this is a major change, it is far from the biggest one in the update. Add-on support is coming along as well. Players will be able to browse the downloaded add-ons from the main menu and this also means the megawads will be supported. For those not familiar with the term, a megawad is a bigger add-on, or a mod if you will, that has a pile of new levels attached to it.

Not every bit of add-on content will be supported though. There is an initial batch of add-ons that will come with the update while the developers will remain in touch with the community in order to figure out which mods are significant enough to warrant official support. For the moment, players can enjoy the likes of John Romero's own SIGIL.

One update that will undoubtedly prove controversial is the addition of quicksaves. One could argue this would make the game feel like a breeze if one can just keep replaying the more challenging parts as opposed to running the level again but Bethesda noted this will be invaluable for speedrun practices. It will be as simple as pausing the game and pressing R/R1/RB, depending on your choice of platform.

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You can check out even more additions to the re-releases of DOOM and DOOM II on the

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