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DOOM: Annihilation release date officially confirmed

Published: 11:12, 16 July 2019
Doom: Annihilation shot showing a female character holding big weapon
Doom: Annihilation

DOOM: Annihilation, the film that was announced earlier this year now has a release date. It's coming to DVD and Blu-ray on 01 October 2019 it's been confirmed via Doom film Twitter. The first clip from the film will arrive next week.

Remember the really bad looking DOOM: Annihilation film that is coming out this year? In case you forgot, the reveal trailer dropped sometime in March 2019, and it's safe to say that no one was happy with it. Both Doom fans and non-fans felt that DOOM: Annihilation looked like a fan-made film at best.

The trailer was so bland that id Software, the creators of Doom game had to publicly distance themselves from the project after many fans started to turn to developers for questions about the quality of the trailer.

However, that did not stop Universal and director Tony Giglio to continue with the project that now has an official release date. Doom: Annihilation will officially hit the shelves on 01 October 2019.

Why the shelves you may ask? Well, the film won't have a theatrical release, which means that it's coming only to DVD and Blu-ray. On the official website, there's also a 4K Ultra HD and digital options for purchase, but the former is yet to be officially confirmed. This probably tells you a lot about DOOM: Annihilation's potential to become a decent film. 

On the film's official Twitter it's also said that sometime next week, a first clip from the film will be revealed. Let's hope it looks much better than the trailer.

Doom: Annihilation is described as "an explosive and terrifying thrill ride". Its story is set on the darkest moon of Mars where scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe.

And while the whole of mankind is busy celebrating its greatest discovery, a swarm of hell demons used the portal, that was actually a gateway from hell. Now it's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy the threat. 

Bethesda Softworks, id Software A demon from doom Doom - 4k? More like 4k kilograms of demonic power

You can find the announcement on .

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