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DOOM is getting patched for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro with 4k support

Published: 19:26, 29 March 2018
DOOM - Free update 5

It seems the consoles are getting some love from id Software, as they release 4k resolution patch 2 years after the game's original release. Now players will get to enjoy bashing demons' heads with even more beautiful visuals than before.

id Software and Bethesda Softworks are releasing a 4k resolutions patch today for DOOM on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Be sure that the enhanced visuals will keep you entertained once more as you rip and tear through hordes of demons in Hell.

Bethesda Doom Doom

The only thing left wondering about is whether the 4k will be a simple upscale or a more enticing native build. With upscaled 4k resolutions, the game simply spreads the previously existing resolution of 1920x1080 to a 4096x2160 resolution.

This would of course make the game seem to have worse graphics than the previous HD version, however by interpolating the pixels in between, the console provides a seemingly accurate 4k resolution. This is however often marred with blurry visuals with less vibrant colours.

A native 4k update would make the game's original resolution be presented in the format of 4096x2160, which would keep the vibrant colours of the game while also providing crystal clear visuals.

Bethesda Softworks, id Software A demon from doom Doom - 4k? More like 4k kilograms of demonic power

DOOM was released back in 2016 after a long development time. It went from being Doom 4 in 2008 to essentially being restructured several times over a number of builds until id Software finally found the right formula for their next title.

Bethesda Doom Guy - Hey folks, my multiplayer was crap. Mind if I squat here for a bit? Alright, GG. Doom Guy - Hey folks, my multiplayer was crap. Mind if I squat here for a bit? Alright, GG.

In the game, the players control an unnamed space marine of equally unknown origin. The player simply wakes up on a stone slab in the beginning of the game and marches forward, destroying everything demonic in his path while collecting different weapons, powerups, finding secret collectibles and easter eggs. Pay no heed to reloading and watch out for your health, armour and ammo count, as the only way to get them back is through fighting.

Another thing worth mentioning is the official soundtrack of the game, which was composed mainly by Mick Gordon. If eight string guitars and deep-toned metal riffs are your thing, give it a look-see.

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