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DOOM - Free update 5: Adding Bots, Game Modes and Echelon 11

Published: 16:40, 08 December 2016
Updated: 17:01, 08 December 2016
DOOM - Free update 5

DOOM Free update 5 adds Infernal Run mode, multiplayer Bots, Echelon 11 and DOOM marine armor

Bethesda is releasing the final DLC for DOOM next week. Building up to that, there is a double XP weekend and Free Update 5 for all your warm-up needs. The new update contains multiplayer bots for team and regular deatmatch, Infernal Run mode - rugby with a demonic eyeball instead of a regular ball and a level cap increase to Echelon 11. DOOM guy Praetor armor awaits players who reach max-level.

The contain a more detailed rundown of every fix and improvement. 

DOOM - What do you mean, those weren't bots? DOOM - What do you mean,

While ZeniMax were busy lately, Bethesda seems to have taken the more sensible approach, of giving players and keeping them engaged with their products, by way of a steady stream of updates. Who knows... If this continues, they might even start respecting their audience in a few years time.


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