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DOOM Multiplayer Bloodfall DLC released

Published: 10:47, 15 December 2016
Updated: 14:03, 09 February 2017
DOOM - Bloodfall

DOOM multiplayer DLC has completed its lifecycle, with the third and final content update - Bloodfall

DOOM's Bloodfall multiplayer DLC is now live, and is available to all Season Pass holders. For all those interested in the DLC but not on board with the whole season pass thing, the DLC will set you back about £10 on .

Bloodfall adds Spectre Pinky as a playable demon, three new maps, the grenade launcher, and some additional power ups and cosmetics. While the DOOM multiplayer has generally been critically panned, it remains to be seen how it holds up now that its DLC lifecycle is complete. The Steam are littered with paying customers struggling to find games (due to low server populations) or those generally unsatisfied with the matchmaking system, at the time of writing.

DOOM - Bloodfall Pinky DOOM - Bloodfall Pinky

DOOM, in its current state, is still more of a single player experience. After 3 DLC-s requiring money and 5 free updates, Bethesda and id software are clearly trying to rehabilitate the multiplayer and get more players on board. Weather you dive into the multiplayer is completely up to you. Tread lightly, and carry a BFG.

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