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Here is the original Doom running on Windows Task Manager

Published: 10:46, 17 July 2020
Max Holt
screenshot showing Doom running on Windows Task Manager
Doom running on Windows Task Manager

From iPods, printers, smart watches to digital cameras, Doom from 1993 has been ported to all sorts of machines and hardware. Today, we have a video of Doom running on Windows Task Manager.

Believe it or not, someone "ported" the original Doom game to Windows Task Manager. Yes, you read that right, Doom is running perfectly on Window's system monitor program. As you can see in the video above, a lot of work has been put in the project, which has been shared by Max Holt, who previously rendered Pokemon Theme and Ping Pong game in Task Manager.

"Done by taking the original pixels, then parsing to black and white and scaling down to 56x32 pixels. I spent quite a lot of time finding a good function to scale the brightness to try to make the contrast good," the author wrote in the description.

Holt uses Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 CPU, Intel's highest core count, highest performing Xeon processor. It has 28 cores and 56 threads and Holt certainly put them to good use. 

Max Holt Doom running on Windows Task Manager Doom - The iconic shotgun animation

Judging by the video, the game looks completely playable and while it is obvious that it can't look as good as the original due to Task Manager limitation, it's still easily recognisable thanks to its iconic fast-paced gameplay and animations.

As you may know, this is not the first time that Doom is ported to unusual hardware or programs. Some played it on printers, others on their smartwatches while LGR did it on their digital camera.

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