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Dontnod Entertainment have released the launch trailer for Vampyr

Published: 20:13, 01 June 2018
DONTNOD Entertainment
Some weirdo with a bullethole in his temple is walking around a creepy basement

Vampyr is highly anticipated by any players out there who are craving for a story driven RPG and it is days from release now. Dontnod Entertainment have released a launch trailer ahead of the actual launch presumably to quench our thirst.

Aside from offering a possibly intriguing narrative, Vampyr will also offer us a chance to suck in a video game and not be flamed for it. Technically, Dr. Johnathan Reid will do all the sucking starting on Tuesday, 5 June 2018. This may not be a prime to release a game, amidst the hype of an E3 that is gearing up to be one of the most interesting in the past decade, but there it is.

One sequence in the trailer is followed by narration by Dr. Reid where he claims that he "did not choose the thing [he has] become" but that he can choose the lives he now takes, adding "cursed be the choice" in the end. This statement once again stresses what Dontnod Entertainment have been emphasising all marketing campaign long - every choice players make in the story matters, for better or worse.

The game takes place in 1918 London which will be divided into four districts. Each time Dr. Reid heals someone, general health of the district will increase, especially when the person in question is a pillar of community. Conversely, if Dr. Reid decides it's time to nom, the district will suffer stability and munching a proverbial pillar will severely cripple the area.

Considering the game was not written by William Shakespeare, to eat or not to eat will not be the only choice players will be presented with. Exploring the world, crafting and generally being a decent gentleman may not be always encouraged but it will likely yield the best ending possible, in case players feel like roleplaying a vampiric white knight.

DONTNOD Entertainment Johnathan the Impaler is impaling people on some weird vampire spikes Vampyr

Then again, once the game is released we could opt in for the easy way and just feed on every juicy passenger we encounter in Victorian London, become ridiculously powerful and hopefully lure the blood-sucking underworld. 

Vampyr is set to release simultaneously for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and considering the game went gold almost a month ago, not many bugs are to be expected.

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