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DokeV map size is ten times bigger than shown in the reveal trailer

Published: 13:26, 31 August 2021
Pearl Abyss
DokeV world will be huge
DokeV world will be huge

Pearl Abyss' open-world action-adventure DokeV will have a huge map, which is ten times bigger than shown in the Gamescom reveal trailer, the dev team confirmed.

It's safe to say that no one expected DokeV to take the spotlight at Gamescom but Pearl Abyss' gorgeous new title took the internet by the storm with its adorable characters and concept. The game is basically a creature-collecting adventure, similar to Pokemon, even its name "DokeV" reminds us of Game Freak's popular title, but with modern, next-gen visuals.

That's surely something that many fans of the creature-collecting genre always wanted and DokeV is here to deliver big time. 

Anyway, today we have a brand new update regarding the game's world size, which will be gigantic. The reveal trailer mainly focused on showcasing two big town areas but according to the developers, that's only one-tenth of the actual playable map.

"There were two villages in the trailer including the white whale village, and it is about a tenth of the actual in-game area. And there is a possibility that it will be wider," said Kim-Sang-Yeong, Lead Producer of DokeV ( translated by Organic_Beautiful_26 on Reddit ).

DokeV Producer Nam-Chang-Gi added that he tried traversing the two on a skateboard but found that the town was too big for that. "I actually went around town on a skateboard in the game, and honestly it was too wide that it was hard. I think the size of the in-game space is big enough."


Pearl Abyss DokeV - Characters playing hopscotch DokeV - Characters playing hopscotch

So there you have it, folks, there will be plenty of towns, meadows, mountains and other locations for you to explore and search for creatures. 

DokeV is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game still does not have a release date.

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