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DokeV devs confirm co-op and competitive multiplayer

Published: 17:05, 26 August 2021
Pearl Abyss
DokeV - Characters playing hopscotch
DokeV - Characters playing hopscotch

Pearl Abyss have revealed that DokeV will feature online co-op and competitive multiplayer. Additionally, they revealed their interest in social features like in-game concerts, film screenings and more.

DokeV, Pearl Abyss' newly announced title has taken the internet by storm since the last night reveals at Gamescom Opening Night. DokeV started as an MMO project but the studio confirmed that the game is now an open-world action-adventure.

Quite the change but fear not, DokeV will still have online play, Pearl Abyss confirmed in the latest interview with .

When asked about the switch to the action-adventure genre, Daeil Kim, founder of Pearl Abyss, stated that the studio's goals for the game would be better suited in an open-world action-adventure than in an MMO genre.

"We thought about where the game should go and decided that our goals for the game would be better served in open-world action/adventure play. So now the game takes place in an open world that hosts different styles of play," he said.

When asked about online play, co-op and competitive multiplayer, Daeil Kim confirmed that DokeV will retain these features. Players will be content for solo players via the main campaign but co-op elements are also there. Basically, players will be able to do main missions both solo and in co-op. "If the player wishes, he can face a boss with other players," Daeil Kim confirmed.

Additionally, those who love PvP will be happy to hear that there will be competitive online content in the game. Though, Pearl Abyss want to develop ideas for friendly competitions, which encourage fair play and good sportsmanship, not toxicity. More details about PvP will be revealed at a later date, they said.

Interestingly, the team also sees potential in social features like concerts, film screeners and other types of activities. Sangyoung Kim, director of animation, stated that with their in-house engine, the devs can integrate realistic experiences in-game. "We also see a metaverse perspective," Sangyoung Kim concluded.

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