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Discord Voice is coming to PlayStation very soon, according to data miners

Published: 07:15, 06 January 2023
Discord Voice is coming on PlayStation sooner than expected
Discord Voice is coming on PlayStation sooner than expected

According to the leaked code, PlayStation consoles will get the version of Discord that contains the core attraction of this popular application: voice chat.

Discord has been available on PlayStation devices for quite some time, but it has always been severely limited. Data miners recently identified several lines of code that led them to the conclusion that the new features will be available in the PlayStation version of Discord, and the most interesting among them is integrated VOIP.

Although Discord Voice for PlayStation consoles is officially announced to be released on March 8, 2023, it seems the most popular communication platform among gamers will be available on PlayStation much sooner. According to the leaked code, we can expect Discord Voice to land on PlayStation platforms with the 7.00 update. 

According to data miners, the PlayStation 5 version of Discord Voice will have certain features that will not be available on PlayStation 4 systems. At the moment, it's unclear how far these features will go; for example, on the PC Discord application, users may stream their games on servers and private chat channels, but there's no indication that this will be available on the PlayStation version.

It's worth noting that in 2021, Microsoft was the first company to integrate the Discord app into their Xbox consoles. Even though Sony was the first to start working on integration for the PlayStation, Microsoft took the initiative, and the first Discord app appeared on their Xbox consoles. 

Discord Voice has been available on Xbox consoles since September 2022, and it's unclear why Sony waited so long to include it on their PlayStation devices.

Sony Discord Voice will not be the same for PS5 and PS4 Discord Voice will not be the same for PS5 and PS4

Most players will agree that there is no better in-game communication software available on the market right now than Discord, and the enhanced features of this app are something that PlayStation fans have been eagerly waiting for.


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