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Battlefield V update brings a new tank and Panzerstorm changes

Published: 17:55, 29 January 2019
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Battlefield V

Battlefield V's live service Tides of War second chapter is set for another January update which includes a new Sturmgeschutz IV tank and changes to F point on the Panzerstorm map. Dice have also added improvements to Practice Range.

Following the January update, Dice are introducing another set of improvements and changes with the second chapter of Battlefield V's Tides of War - Lightning Strikes. The biggest addition is a new tank vehicle, while Dice also reworked the Panzerstorm map to offer better protection for infantry.

Sturmgeschutz IV is a turretless tank and its low silhouette makes it a viable choice for players who prefer ambush tactics. While turretless the design makes the StuG IV less vulnerable to enemy tanks, it's also its biggest drawback. It means that you have to align the hull of the tank in the direction of the enemy to overcome the limited movement of the main cannon.

The tanks' specialisation tree will also allow additional improvements such as a longer barrel and armour-piercing shells for higher shell velocity and long-distance anti-tank engagements.

The Panzerstorm map has received some major adjustments which were requested by the Battlefield community. Based on the feedback and their own data, the developers decided to extend the F point on the map and add more cover for infantry and tanks with additional buildings on the Swine Farm. This change has made the location approximately four times bigger than before.

The open space between the G and D points has been replaced with an oak alley to provide more cover for infantry. Also, Dice added a lot of ditches and mounds along the edges of fields to help players sneak up on tanks.

A common criticism of the Panzerstorm map was that infantry often felt too exposed, but Dice hope to tackle the problem with these changes.

Additionally, some trees have been added between A to D points while terrain height between D and E has been adjusted to provide additional soft cover.

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The Practice Range will now feature gadget practice where players will be able to shoot the Panzerfaust and other gadgets against stationary and moving targets. There's also a grenade practice arena and bullet drop visualisation mode which reveals the exact path and landing point of projectiles.

Soldier tweaks and fixes include slightly reduced footsteps sound on snow while a bug which prevented players from dealing damage to enemies performing a high vault has been addressed.

Along with these changes, there are various minor fixes and improvements to game modes, maps, weapons and gameplay. You can check them out in the full .

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