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Dice roll out Battlefield V's new North African map Al Sundan

Published: 14:06, 28 June 2019
Battlefield V's new map Al Sundan
Battlefield V, Al Sundan

Dice and EA have rolled out Battlefield V's new map called Al Sundan. As you can see, the map is set in a desert, the North African one, and if you've played through the game's campaign, chances are you'll be pretty familiar with it.

"Al Sundan's North African desert setting will be familiar ground. We've taken the vista used in the mission Behind Enemy Lines from the single player war story Under No Flag and doubled down on air and land vehicle combat", they wrote.

This apparently did the trick and optimised Al Sundan for proper multiplayer carnage, but Dice still encountered issues with certain modes.

What this means is that not all of Battlefield V's modes will be playable on Al Sundan, at least not until Dice have fixed this, which they claim is a top priority at the moment. At the moment, the map supports Squad Contest and Team Deathmatch.

As for the map itself, it has a "lush desert coast and contrasting harsh environments", with a bunch of critical points like camps, a radar tower and an airbase. 

In terms of playstyle, Battlefield V developer advises infantry-oriented players to stick around the Radar Station and the Village, seeing as how the rest of the map has been tweaked to cater to vehicle gameplay. 

Al Sundan's Airfield is described as one of the key points, since it paves the way to air superiority, but there's also the Shoreline Battery, which grants you more tanks. 

Dice advises Battlefield V players to bring their hammers, as there are plenty of fortifications to be built in the wetlands, and the same goes for Anti-Tank Cannons.

Al Sundan has some vast areas, so infantry players should make sure they're not caught in the open, while airmen will find that they can escape enemy aircraft by diving into the canyon.

EA screenshot from battlefield v showing asian solider in fight Battlefield V: Defying the Odds chapter

Al Sundan is part of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds and is just the first of many new Battlefield V maps, with the next one coming in July 2019.

You can find Battlefield V's new map notes .

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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