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DICE had to ease off ray tracing in Battlefield V, just a tad

Published: 09:43, 07 September 2018
Updated: 09:57, 07 September 2018
One of the female characters from DICE's shooter Battlefield V
Battlefield V

Once the ray-tracing-ftw hoopla has settled, it became clear that realtime ray tracing can quickly wreck your FPS when not in possession of Nvidia's upcoming beasts, which DICE found out for themselves while polishing Battlefield V.

Battlefield V has already started its open beta but there's no support for realtime ray tracing, at least not yet. Seeing as how Nvidia's RTX series doesn't start with shipments until 20 September 2018, it's unlikely you'd have found ray tracing a treat anyway.

In a recent interview, DICE's technical director Christian Holmquist recently confirmed that realtime ray tracing will come as part of day one patch in Battlefield V. However, some of this feature had to be dialled down, for reasons of increasing FPS and general performance, as well as image credibility.

Holmquist did acknowledge however that Nvidia's RTX demo from Cologne is unlikely to be the final version. Even though DICE finds general levels to be fine, they "might need to change some parameters in the ray tracing engine itself to maybe tone something down a little bit."

As was expected, DICE confirmed it will increase recommended requirements a bit in case of RTX technology. Thankfully though, the studio made sure to go "very wide with a lot of cores to offload that work", which should in theory offset some of the requirements in Battlefield V. If you've got a six core CPU, DICE have practically confirmed they'll be putting all of them for your eye-gasm purposes.

Peculiarly enough, DICE decided against multi-GPU support, which would seem an obvious choice considering the sort of load it is likely to inflict on graphics cards. On the other hand, considering the sort of hot water EA have put them in, multi-GPU setups are probably the least of DICE's troubles.

EA A WWII soldier walking over a vast corn field in Battlefield V Battlefield V

Battlefield V's beta has already started and even in spite of all the damage done by EA's , it seems not all is lost in Battlefield-land. Even the latest trailer is pretty cool, making me wonder why they didn't keep their mouths shut and let this sort of work do the talking for them?

You can find Holmquist's interview .

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