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Diablo 4 leak reveals new details about Rogue class, character customisation and more

Published: 13:18, 19 February 2021
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The leak includes fresh info regarding a Rogue class, which uses bows, crossbows, swords and daggers and is quite mobile. Additionally, the leaker reveals new details about Diablo 2 Remastered.

A well-know Reddit leaker PracticalBrush12 who previously revealed a bunch of new info about Diablo 4 and Monster Hunter Rise has shared a fresh batch of details about Blizzard's upcoming action RPG.

The Reddit post is jam-packed with details and we have made a breakdown of some of the most interesting ones just below.

Here are the most important details from the Reddit post:

Diablo 4

  • New Rogue class
    • Uses bows, crossbows, swords and daggers and is quite mobile. Also lacks an ear.
  • More character customisation 
    • Skin, tattoos, makeup, hair color.
  • Class specialization is tied to what faction you will support and do class quests for in the open world.
  • Item drops differentiate in looks based on the location 
    • Sword is a scimitar in the desert but it's a broadsword in the north. 
  • You can customise your horse 
  • There are monster camps that you can conquer for the people.
  • Special PvP currency in certain area
    • Used for cosmetics, you can collect it unpurified by killing monsters but when you purify - anyone can attack and kill you and steal those shards.
  • No words about test or releases.

Blizzard Diablo IV character fighting in a rocky area Diablo IV landscape

Diablo 2 Remastered

  • Runs 3D 60 FPS thanks to a new graphics engine
  • The gameplay is identical to the original
  • There's even a switch to flip the graphics on the fly
  • Remastered audio and cinematics 
  • Shared stash is included 
  • Advanced stats summary - no more counting needed
  • Toggleable auto gold pickup
  • Controller support (coming to all major consoles including Switch) 
  • Dynamic lighting but still dark as the original
  • Cross progression
  • You're not forced to be online to play, just once
  • Should be coming this year

Diablo IV gallery of screenshots from BlizzCon's announcement trailer

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