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Desperados 3 developers to self-publish the next game

Published: 23:39, 01 December 2020
THQ Nordic
Desperados 3 cover
The wild west has never been wilder

Following successful outings with two real-time tactics games published by someone else, Mimimi Games are looking to self-publish the next one, with some government funding.

Have you ever seen a project named Sweet Potato? If you haven't, you are reading about its grass roots. Mimimi Games, responsible for real-time tactics hits such as Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Desperados 3, have announced that their next project in the same genre is underway.

It is codenamed Süßkartoffel, meaning Sweet Potato in English, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with farms or the vegetable we love in just about every form. As proof, Mimimi noted that Desperados 3 was codenamed Kartoffel in development, meaning Potato, and we all know none of Cooper's crew know anything about growing these delicious things.

Anyway, Sweet Potato will be both developed and published by Mimimi Games after their previous two games were published by Daedalic Entertainment and THQ Nordic. 

The studio existed before these, even if their earlier projects were more obscure to the public, and nearly went bankrupt before Blades of the Shogun's success. This is one of the reasons why the devs chose this opportunity to thank the publishers who took major risks backing their games at such a time but they are still going to self-publish the next project.

One major reason why this is possible is that German government will co-fund Süßkartoffel's development. As strange as this might sound, this is not so unusual. Frozenbyte's Trine 4 was funded by European Union and subsequently leaked by the same entity.

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