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Desperados 3 dev rolls out trailer for Kate O'Hara, the runaway bride

Published: 15:41, 30 May 2020
THQ Nordic
Screenshot from Desperados 3 showing an old church
Desperados 3

As Desperados 3 draws closer to its launch date, Mimimi Productions and THQ Nordic rolled out a trailer on one of the game's colourful characters - Kate O'Hara.

Desperados 3 may be playing the lone gunslinger card in the trailers, but John Cooper is anything but alone in his adventures throughout the Wild West. One of his trigger-happy associates is Kate O'Hara, who's found the life of an outlaw better than a wedding gown.

You can actually see her sporting a soon-to-be red wedding gown, but we're not sure whether it's her go-to disguise, or we're just looking at the missions that follow her story.

"Kate grew up on the O'Hara family ranch in Colorado in the care of her Uncle Ian. She knows very little of her parents, a Derringer being her only memento of her mother. After the DeVitt company and the shady Flagstone mayor took her family ranch away from her, she starts taking things into her own hands (literally)", the description reads.

You know the Derringer even if you don't recognise the name - it's the compact little gun that's often seen in Wild West movies as the favourite of ladies with them umbrella-shaped dresses. It fits in a palm but packs the sort of punch to blow away an elbow, so you can already guess the sort of gameplay you can expect from O'Hara. 

THQ Nordic A cowboy walking towards a group of people in Desperados 3 Desperados 3

Spellbound's attempt to resurrect the franchise resulted in the pretty forgettable Helldorado game, but what we've seen from THQ Nordic and Mimimi Productions so far is quite promising, knock on wood. We'll get to see whether it plays as it looks when Desperados 3 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 16, 2020. 

Desperados 3 returns, by Mimimi Productions and THQ Nordic

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Desperados 3

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