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Desperados 3 patch brings four new Baron challenges and fixes

Published: 02:41, 25 July 2020
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A cowboy walking towards a group of people in Desperados 3
Desperados 3

Desperados 3 proved to be a major hit with the fans of the series and the devs are not leaving the game just like that. The new patch brought more content and a ton of fixes.

Mimimi Games released a free update for Desperados 3 which brought four new Baron challenges for the players to check out, just in case the original game itself wasn't challenging enough.

Vanishing Act will have players run a snake oil salesman out of Flagstone. How the players go about it is at their own discretion as the only instructions are to make him disappear.

Untitled Voodoo Mission sees Isabelle crashing Mayor Higgins' wedding and although the exact motive is not known, she has brought a lot of mind control darts with her. It might be time for a poppet show.

Public Transportation is a sneaky mission with somewhat altered parameters. Guards will not shoot players on sight but the catch is they have to transport two dead bodies to Eagle Falls train station. Now if the guards spot a body, their rules of engagement become a whole different story.

Bird Hunting will follow Doc who made a crow's nest at the top of Casa DeVitt. He has a lot of ammo at his disposal and five targets on the hit list. Still, it might be a good idea to go for the old one shot one kill mantra.

On top of the new challenges, Mimimi Games released several fixes across both PC and consoles , all of which you can check on the link they provided.

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