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Desperados 3 gets a launch date and trigger-happy trailer

Published: 18:51, 21 April 2020
Updated: 18:52, 21 April 2020
THQ Nordic
A cowboy walking towards a group of people in Desperados 3
Desperados 3

THQ Nordic have finally announced the launch date for the long-awaited gunslinging title Desperados 3, and the date is set for 16 June 2020. As for the trailer, you know you've got to see it.

"He draws almost quicker than his own shadow and his bullets are flying exactly where they should. And when the smoke from his revolvers slowly fades off, you can read it clearly: JUNE. 16. 2020", the trailer's description reads. 

As you can see from the trailer, Desperados 3 plays the lone-gunslinger card quite well, even though the actual gameplay has a lot more to it than just gungho shooting. 

Perhaps best likened to the Commando series, Desperados 3 will let you control five unique characters, each with own skillsets to help you out throughout the game. Combining those skillsets and adding some clever thinking to the recipe is where the real fun is. 

Desperados 3's will have players reliving the quest of John Cooper, who joins forces with the runaway bride Kate, shady hitman Doc McCoy, giant trapper Hector and Isabelle, a mysterious lady coming from New Orleans.

Interestingly, everyone's skillsets have been revealed, except for Isabelle's, which makes us think there's something special going on over here. Cooper can go stealth or shoot multiple foes with his revolvers; Hector is a beast on the axe and can plant bear traps; McCoy is all about lures, knockout gas and poison syringes, while Kate is a master of disguise and always with her hidden gun.

Mimimi Desperados 3 screenshot of dastardly plans in motion involving a roof in the wilderness Desperados 3

Those who remember the game's predecessors know that they were developed by the now-defunct Spellbound Entertainment. The license for Desperados had quite the path, ultimately being bought by THQ Nordic, with Mimimi Productions taking up the development duties. 

Desperados 3 returns, by Mimimi Productions and THQ Nordic

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Desperados 3

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