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Desperados 3 gets its first paid DLC

Published: 17:19, 02 September 2020
THQ Nordic
Desperados 3
Desperados 3

THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games announced that the Money for the Vultures - Part 1: Late to the Party DLC is now out for Desperados 3.

Mimimi Games might be taking notes from Gearbox Software's playbook as both studios appear to have a penchant for lengthy DLC names that makes them rather hard to remember.

Money for the Vultures - Part 1: Late to the Party is a part of the season pass for Desperados 3 but the DLC is also available for a single purchase, standing at $5.99 for consoles and $4.99 for PC. The announcement didn't really cover the why of the price difference between the platforms but that's how it is.

Players will get to play a mission that takes place "well after the events of Desperados 3" where Cooper and his posse come together once more in order to find Vincent DeVitt's hidden treasure.

The description of the DLC mentions "a mysterious vault" along with bloodthirsty looters and Rosie, a character from Baton rouge that may or may not be trustworthy.

Besides the paid DLC, all owners of Desperados 3 will get a free update that adds another Baron's challenge. This time around, the Baron will dare the players to revisit the Devil's Canyon and ask themselves "What if?".

This one will take place before the events of Desperados 3 as players will control a younger version of Cooper who goes after his nemesis, Frank.

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