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Denuvo 5.2 cracked already by a group called FCKDRM

Published: 15:53, 08 November 2018
Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2019

Denuvo's latest and greatest version of anti-tamper technology has managed to last only four days in the field, after a group called FCKDRM managed to crack it. Don't confuse them for GOG's anti-DRM initiative - they just liked the name.

Ironically enough, the news comes at the same time as Denuvo's report, where they claim how AAA games not using their tech suffer hefty losses. Financial losses of course, because they're not worried about the that their anti-tamper tech brings.

Apparently, an unnamed top-tier sports title has been downloaded 355,000 times in its first two weeks on the market. Of that number, 12 per cent of shares came on the first day alone, which could've been circumvented by using Denuvo, they claim.

Unfortunately for the company, their 5.2 version that was tasked with protecting Football Manager 2019 and The Quiet Man, failed to do so in less than a week. Note that this is only the case for FM19 because, apparently, there have barely been any requests to crack The Quiet Man. In hindsight, it sure would've been grand if the dev saved up on Denuvo, but you know what they say - always 20/20

With Battlefield V drawing closer to launch, it's probably imperative for Denuvo to get their act straight. Having cracked FM19 in four days, it's likely that games like Battlefield V or Hitman 2 would be even less of a challenge for FCKDRM. Note however that we're speculating on the choice of games, because neither of the aforementioned confirmed Denuvo onboard as of yet.

Denuvo are said to have the option to revert to the earlier version 4.9, which hasn't been cracked yet, although it's not really looking good when your latest and greatest solution has crumbled. Nevertheless, it is a solution that would work.

GOG Logo for CD Project and GOG's initiative FCK DRM FCK DRM

The group's name is an obvious nod to CD Projekt Red and GOG, who recently launched an called FCK DRM. Other than the name thing, the two are in no way affiliated of course, in spite of their united hatred for all things DRM.

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