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Football Manager 2021 hits 1m sold copies in record time

Published: 19:44, 05 January 2021
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Football Manager 2021

They say it's the most important secondary thing in the world, and Sports Interactive's sales figures of Football Manager 2021 sure seem to confirm the saying.

The news comes from Sports Interactive's head honcho Miles Jacobson, who announced it via Twitter. And after the trainwreck that was 2020, it's certainly nice to begin a year with some good news. 

"At some point yesterday, FM21 became our fastest ever series of games to reach 1m copies activated. I'm guessing you're getting value for money from it, as over 900k of you played it last week! I hope you're finding some solace & company from the game world you escape into", he tweeted.

As you'd expect from a football-related game, many of the comments to Jacobson's tweet had nothing to do with the milestone, but instead focused on individual bugs and some unfortunate footballing moments. 

Our personal favourite is the fellow who was playing a cup game against Manchester United and conceded a goal deep in Fergie time, i.e. 121 minute. Mind you, we're aware it was quite upsetting, but that's what makes Football Manager games great, doesn't it?

In terms of features, Football Manager 2021 brought about quite a few changes, although the main formula should be familiar to seasoned veterans. Sports Interactive's polishing of the existing concepts has clearly struck a chord though, as the numbers clearly show. 

With Football Manager 2021, the franchise also marked its return to Xbox consoles, where it didn't feature since 2007. Sports Interactive's choice of platforms played an important role in hitting the 1 million milestone, as the popular manager launched on pretty much everything except the PlayStation. 

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