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Koei Tecmo reveal Dead or Alive 6 season pass priced at $93

Published: 17:21, 01 March 2019
Updated: 18:35, 01 March 2019
Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 season pass will cost $93 and it will include two fighters from The King of Fighters XIV and SNK Universe. Those who purchase the pricey content will also receive 62 costumes but the season pass may not cover upcoming DLCs.

Dead or Alive 6 has finally launched on all platforms and along with the release, more details about the season pass have been revealed by the publisher Koei Tecmo. The thing that will almost certainly raise many eyebrows is the staggering price, which is set at $93 at the moment.

The Season Pass 1 includes 62 costumes and 2 new characters which will be released between March and June 2019. You may notice that the period in which Koei Tecmo plan to release the content is pretty short, which suggests another season pass for the second part of the year. 

If all this doesn't sound bad enough, those who purchase the season pass are not guaranteed to get every DLC that releases during the four-month window. This comes straight from the Dead or Alive 6 Steam page where it's also stated that every costume will be available as a separate purchase.

Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 content includes:

  • DOA6 NiCO Technomancer Gear
  • DOA6 Nyotengu Wrestling Costume
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.1 - 13 Costumes 
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.2 - 13 Costumes
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.1 - 13 Costumes
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.2 - 13 Costumes
  • DOA6 Additional Character Mai Shiranui
  • DOA6 Mai Shiranui Debut Costumes - 5 Costumes
  • DOA6 Additional New Character 
  • DOA6 Additional New Character Debut Costumes - 5 Costumes

Igdb Dead or Alive 6
Dead or Alive 6

While some may say that there's a lot of content included here, a season pass that costs more than a full priced game better offer something really special to avoid a backlash, and judging by reviews on Steam, some players aren't really impressed by Koei Tecmo's effort.

This is not the first time Koei Tecmo are pushing such aggressive season pass pricing either. The previous game - Dead or Alive 5 - had seven season passes and all of its downloadable content on Steam can be purchased for $1,289. Yes, you read that right, and it definitely isn't a typo.

Dead or Alive 6: a fighting game by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo

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Dead or Alive 6

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