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Dead Cells will let players go crazy with the Custom Game mode

Published: 13:08, 24 December 2018
Twin Motion
Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist killing some enemies
Dead Cells

Motion Twin have announced the new mode for Dead Cells will let players customise their runs as it will allow them to start the game with full power, high-end items and tweak other gameplay features. It may not be for everyone, however.

Motion Twin are letting players have their way with Dead Cells, since they gave keys to the kingdom to all of the game owners. Players can now choose which weapons they start with, meaning one could potentially start with their dream loadout immediately.

On the flipside, there are also the masochistic players who want even more challenge than Dead Cells already offers. These players will be able to remove items from the loot pool, which will make Dead Cells a bit more challenging due to the lack of proper tools of the trade.

The developers made sure to warn anyone who wants to dabble with the loot pools and other gameplay mechanics - doing so can have weird consequences. For example, removing too many items from the loot pool can cause some chests not to spawn or make some merchants' stock rather puny.

Another warning is about the potential progression disruption. If players enjoy progression through gaining new mutations, skills and weapons, unlocking them by default would definitely remove that layer of game depth for them.

Meanwhile, the Custom Game may not be needed in order to make the game easier. Motion Twin have buffed several items and mutations that players complained about and changed their numbers or completely reworked them in order to make them competitive. The developers have thanked players for their feedback that allowed better perception about these issues, and asked players to keep providing feedback in order to deliver more balance changes that would be to the customers' liking.

Motion Twin Player is walking in a dungeon next to a giant skeleton Dead Cells

Mob auto-scaling mechanic has been removed entirely, which should bring a smile to just about everyone's face, but that's not even close to the end of the changes with the newest update. If you are up to the challenge, you can read the massive changelog .


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