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Motion Twin announce Dead Cells Rise of the Giant release date

Published: 20:56, 13 March 2019
Motion Twin
Player has just obliterated an enemy in Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Motion Twin have revealed that The Rise of the Giant free DLC for Dead Cells will be released on 28 March 2019. The update will bring a pile of new assets and mechanics aimed at expanding Dead Cells' endgame, as the devs promised.

Dead Cells is one of those Steam Early Access stories that found their way to success since Motion Twin worked tirelessly to deliver new content for their player base free of charge. Some updates saw a rough landing, such as Baguette update, but most of them just kept garnering goodwill. 

While free additional content would be a normal and expected thing for an Early Access title, Dead Cells saw a full release in August 2018. In other words, Motion Twin are delivering post-launch content for no extra charge. According to the official , the reason for this is the promise they made while Dead Cells was in Early Access and it is seeing the light of day over a half a year later.

As we previously mentioned, The Rise of the Giant will by adding 10 new enemy types, three new skills, 10 weapons, a specialist shop, more levels and a new gem. Therefore, it is clear that Motion Twin are not just delivering a minor DLC that is supposed to appease the hungry player base - this is enough content for some other developers or companies to charge an expansion pack price for.

In an era where games charge players for a simple red reticle, it is refreshing to see indie developers who make games out of passion and stay true to their promises. There is currently no word on Motion Twin's future plans but fans are already speculating what they may have in store.

Motion Twin Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist with an ominous presence nearby Dead Cells

Some are worried future content might be paid for while others are voicing support by stating they would already pay for Dead Cells DLC. Whatever happens, it is sure to split the community's opinion, regardless of whether the future content turns out to be free or paid.

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