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Dead Cells is leaving Early Access soon for simultaneous release

Published: 22:33, 10 May 2018
Motion Twin
Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon
Dead Cells

Motion Twin have announced that their well received Dead Souls and Castlevania mashup video game named Dead Cells is going to be released simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at some point in August 2018.

Dead Cells has warmed its way into players' hearts with procedurally generated, yet beautiful maps and background combinations, deep gameplay mechanics with fantastic combat even in its Early Access stage. That's a stage Motion Twin announced the game will be leaving behind soon enough, about a year after popping up on Steam.

The game has developed a dedicated player base thanks to Motion Twin's well timed and well implemented updates that made the game bigger, deeper and of course, added more boss fights. Language was one of the lingering problems it had though, but the developers have resolved it recently with an update that was aptly named the "Baguette Update".

August release date was actually revealed together with Baguette Update's notes, with Motion Twin claiming that there will be no delays unless "the office burns down, half the team falls sick with ebola or zombies happen", but they have quickly overwritten that statement by saying that irresponsible drinking may delay the game's release at any given time. 

Fans will likely forgive the developers for any potential delays thanks to their promise of a "big juicy free DLC" after the game launches. That said, Baguette update added some new content as well, in the form of Legendary Items that will scale with the players' progression.

According to the developers, Baguette Update will be the first one in a series of smaller updates that should prepare the game for addition of lore at launch. Mac and Linux versions of the game are being worked on at the same time.

Motion Twin Screenshot from Dead Cells showing the player fighting enemies on top of a tower Dead Cells

Motion Twin don't seem to be hitting the spot with every decision they make though, as players can be seen complaining en masse about the UI Baguette Update introduced, due to it not being user friendly, while also breaking immersion. Full notes, and player feedback can be seen .


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