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Latest Days Gone trailer introduces various zombie types

Published: 19:26, 05 February 2019
picture showing zombie creature
Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio have shared a new trailer for the upcoming zombie survival Days Gone. The trailer is part of the World Video series and it's dubbed Fighting to Survive. It shows various types of zombies along with weapon crafting and more.

With the game's launch coming around the SIE Bend, wink wink, the team are setting the stage for their upcoming zombie survival Days Gone. In their latest video, the team showed what kind of dangers await players once they start exploring the wilderness.

Freakers are Days Gone's fancy names for zombies, or humans who got transformed by the mysterious virus. Freakers hibernate, drink, have migration patterns and their favourite meal is human flesh.

The first type of Freakers are swarmers, who are the most common enemies players will get to encounter. Their name comes from their behaviour as they travel in groups of two or three and sometimes in hordes. They move and respond as a single organism and are rarely alone.

The newts are smaller zombies and will leave you to do your thing if you don't bother them much. They are described as "opportunists" and only attack if your health is low.

Screamers are the annoying ones. Judging by the video, their scream can cause real pain to Deacon St. John's ears. While the video didn't explain this feature, it's possible that the scream is some kind of stun mechanic. Screamers can also attract swarms of other zombies onto you.

Finally, the breaker looks like a tanky zombie who could crush you with one hit, so it's probably smart to keep out of sight if you spot one. Unless you feel particularly lucky that day, of course.

SIE Bend A horde of zombies running towards the player in Days Gone Days Gone

The trailer also shows the combat focus mode, which allows players to slow down time and take more precise shots. Those who prefer stealth will, of course, have the option to take on missions quietly.

There's also a sneak peek at human enemies and zombie wolves so it's safe to say Days Gone will have a plenty shooting targets once it drops on 26 April 2019.

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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Days Gone

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