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Days Gone gets gameplay video, how many zombies can you count?

Published: 07:57, 14 June 2018
Updated: 13:08, 24 September 2018
SIE Bend
A horde of zombies running towards the player in Days Gone
Days Gone

Days Gone's last trailer was called The World Comes for You but SIE Bend's E3 gameplay video puts that into whole 'nother perspective, as the endless hordes of zombies, or Freakers as the dev likes to call them, just keep coming at you.

SIE Bend said the earlier trailer was mostly alpha footage, whereas the current gameplay video comes with almost final lighting and the level of polish usually associated with a finished product, which Days Gone still isn't.

In fact, the game crashes around the 9:03 mark, but there's plenty of time to polish it up, as this PlayStation 4 exclusive doesn't launch . The dev claims Days Gone will run at steady 30 frames per second, both on PlayStation 4 Pro and the base version.

As for Days Gone's gameplay though, PlayStationists have a lot to look forward to. The game doesn't necessarily force a playing style, as the environment leaves a lot of options, but you sure won't be taking your sweet time.

Freakers are coming in hard and fast, ready to pile up and binge watch the Walking Dead with you. Just checking whether you're paying attention - they'll eat your brains man, so run. I must admit, I don't seem to recall a game that manages to pull of what Days Gone does. Starship Troopers and the Zerg are the closest parallels I can think of.

Not that the shown gameplay should be something to aspire to, as YouTube's comment section was particularly vocal about the guy's playing skills. Honestly, I almost fell sorry for the guy, but they do have a point occasionally. You know, when you just want to take that controller and show someone how it's done? Some may say it's already a measure of a good game.

Sony A man looking at a horde of zombies in Sony's game Days Gone Days Gone

Of course, we've still a long way to go to the finished product, and even then it leaves a matter of how it all ends up working together. Nevertheless, early signs are more than good for Days Gone and it's well worth keeping an eye out for this one.


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