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Amazon leaks cover art for Days Gone ahead of schedule

Published: 12:46, 16 November 2018
Updated: 13:43, 16 November 2018
Cover photo for SIE Bend's open world survival Days Gone
Days Gone, cover art

Even though Days Gone isn't launching until April 2019, Amazon have updated the game's cover with what seems to be the final cover art, although if you've been following SIE Bend's Twitter feed at all, you've basically seen it already.

As you can see, Days Gone's cover image is a cropped version of the key art that SIE Bend tweeted back in September. The cover version puts a greater focus on Deacon St. John though, as he's being closed in on by a welcoming committee of enthusiastic zombies. No worries, they're just cranky they arrived late for the shoot. Or did they?

Anyway, Days Gone has recently been delayed from what SIE Bend described as a crowded February timeframe to . The company stated that although they're anxious to see what the fans think of Deacon's story, the delay should give them plenty of time to iron out the quirks and whatnot. 

That being said, the only proper quirk we've seen thus far was at Days Gone's E3 showing, when the game ended up at one point. Ironically enough, it wasn't the crash that brought about most of the flak. Instead, it was awkwardly handled gameplay, which had many a fan yelling git guds at the screen.

Come Tokyo Game Show 2018 and Days Gone's crashing quirks were gone, seemingly along with the E3 player. SIE Bend showed the game off in a 15-minute , giving us a proper taste of Deacon St. John's main choices - sneaking in silently or taking a gung-ho, guns ablaze approach.

As you'd expect, each of the approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages, even though ferocity of Days Gone's zombies begs for the former. There are several types of freakers, which is SIE Bend's name for what's left of the Earth's disfigured population, each more dangerous than the last and don't even get us started on their speed.

Sony Key art for SIE Bend Studio's open world survival Days Gone Days Gone, key art

Days Gone is, of course, a PlayStation 4 exclusive and launches on 26 April 2019. Until then, feel free to check out more screenshots in our gallery below.

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Days Gone

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