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Days Gone gets Dead Don't Ride challenge with a unique soundtrack

Published: 20:29, 02 August 2019
Days Gone protagonist looking at a derelict train-yard
Days Gone, Must've been one hell of a party last night

SIE Bend Studio have released the latest DLC challenge for their zombilicious PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone, and this time around they'll have players picking up survivors in a taxi-like mode, together with a new unique soundtrack.

Dead Don't Ride is technically a bike challenge but Days Gone players will actually be driving a golf cart. The dev took the time to make it as fun as possible though, so there are plenty of tricks to keep in mind.

If we had to liken Dead Don't Ride to another game, it's Crazy Taxi, although the Days Gone edition comes with significantly undead-er overtones, and some subsequent features tilt it more towards Carmaggedon. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

The golf carts come with boost, which is unlimited, and drifting will earn you extra XP. If you want to add extra time, make sure you don't forget to run over swarmers.

SIE Bend wrote that Days Gone's new challenge comes with a "unique soundtrack ONLY available in this challenge".

When it comes to soundtracks, Sony's exclusives regularly take the cake and Days Gone is no exception, both in terms of originality and hitting the right mood.

In fact, SIE Bend recently released the Days Gone which takes a closer look at the work done by composer Nathan Whitehead, whom you may know from the Purge franchise, Bioshock 2 and more. 

"To me, it was about the texture of the music matching the texture of the world. Acoustic, organic, a little bit of Americana - I think folk elements like that often are rough around the edges. They have an honesty that felt at home in this world and matched the grit", he said.

Sony A man on a sawmill, shooting at an endless line of zombies Days Gone, concept art

To make the sound of Freakers, Whitehead said he bowed anything he could get his hands on, from furniture to cymbals, which he then expertly mangled to produce the chilling sounds of Days Gone's hordes.

Dead Don't Ride is available now. Check out the short announcement trailer on Days Gone's .

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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