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Days Gone getting New Game Plus and more difficulty modes soon

Published: 16:06, 05 September 2019
Days Gone protagonist looking at a horde of zombies
Days Gone, Who needs sheep to fall asleep? Count zombies...if you can.

Bend Studio have revealed that New Game Plus and some additional difficulty modes will be making their way into Days Gone. They also mentioned that this has been the most requested feature ever since the game launched in April 2019.

So, Days Gone players can download the mode starting on 13 September. New Game Plus lets you go through Days Gone's story with your current setup, and it can be started from any save where "I'm never Giving Up" storyline is done.

"You can play NG+ on any difficulty level; Easy, Normal, Hard, Survival, or try it in one of our two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II, regardless of the previous difficulty mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand new players as well", Bend Studio said.

The dev added a few new Trophies in NG+, Hard II and Survival II modes, one of which is related to a "mysterious new weapon from an agent that only operates in the shadows."

All the Days Gone perks you may have accumulated carry over to NG+ and other new modes, so the development team advised players to max out their challenges before the new mode is out.

"This is the perfect opportunity to return to the Pacific Northwest and replay your favourite horde encounters, take on ambush camps, and clear infestation zones with your expanded arsenal. But remember, this is Days Gone where the world comes for you - constantly", said Days Gone's director Jeff Ross.

Days Gone's official soundtrack has proven to be all the rage too, quite rightfully so if we may add, and it's getting a sweet looking vinyl edition.

If you want to learn more about the audio work, you can do so in Sony's , where composer Nathan Whitehead explains how he came up with the characteristic musical blend that coloured Bend Studio's game.

Sony A man riding a motorcycle at night in Sony's game Days Gone Days Gone

You can find the full blog post and check out the vinyl on the .

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