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Crytek could be teasing Ryse 2 in their latest job ad

Published: 14:31, 23 December 2022
Ryse: Son of Rome could be getting a sequel in the near future
Ryse: Son of Rome could be getting a sequel in the near future

Ryse Son of Rome developer Crytek are on a hiring spree for their upcoming titles such as Crysis 4 and potentially, a Ryse sequel.

German-based developer Crytek , who are known for visual bangers like Crysis and Ryse Son of Rome are currently working on new games and one of these games could be a new Ryse. In their hiring advertisement which you can see below, Crytek included artwork from Ryse, which sparked speculation among gamers, who seem to think that Crytek might be working on a sequel to this popular Xbox One exclusive. 

Crytek's Jobs page on their official website mentions only two projects - Hunt: Showdown and Crysis 4 . The studio are also hiring for their in-house engine, the CryEngine but there is no mention of any unannounced games, let alone Ryse. 

Ryse 2 rumours

Rumours about the new Ryse game originally surfaced a while back when insider Nick Baker revealed that Crytek have new projects in the works and that one of these projects is a new Ryse game. Apparently, the game would be multiplatform and not exclusive to Xbox.

Baker was right on many things in the past so it's certainly possible he is also spot on regarding Ryse but since none of this is officially confirmed, take it with a dose of scepticism, just like any other rumour. 

Crytek Ryse Son of Rome screenshot showing roman soldier in coliseum Ryse Son of Rome still holds up quite well, despite its age

In case you're not familiar with the original Ryse, the game is a third-person action adventure, focusing heavily on melee combat. It's set in Ancient Rome and follows a Roman soldier Marcus Titus who seeks to avenge his family, who were killed in a barbarian invasion.

Ryse Son of Rome originally launched only on Xbox One, followed by a PC port a year later. 


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