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75 per cent of gamers approve Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Published: 09:10, 22 December 2022
CMA received over 2000 emails from the public and 75 per cent of them are in favour of the deal
CMA received over 2000 emails from the public and 75 per cent of them are in favour of the deal

UK regulator CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) have released a summary of responses from members of the public regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

In a short report , CMA reveal that they received over 2,100 emails from the public regarding  Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard since they invited responses a couple of months ago. 

CMA said that around 75 per cent of emails were broadly in favour of the merger, while 25 per cent were against the merger. A small number of responders had no clear view for or against the merger. 

Those in favour of the deal stated that Microsoft are weaker than Sony and Nintendo in console gaming therefore they need Activision Blizzard to compete closely against them. Furthermore, the public supporting the deal argues that Microsoft have made it clear they won't make Call of Duty exclusive and even if they did, PlayStation gamers would still have plenty of games and shooters to play including Battlefield, FIFA and GTA.

Those who oppose the merger made it clear that Microsoft will lock all ActivisionBlizzard games to the Xbox ecosystem, just like they did with Bethesda games. 

On top of this, they included the usual points that Sony made so far like how Microsoft is big in the cloud and subscription services and already own a bunch of studios that are more than enough to compete against PlayStation.

Microsoft is going to court for Activision Blizzard acquisition The public pretty much have the same points as Microsoft and Sony

CMA are expected to reveal their final decision on the merger in the coming months. Microsoft hope that both UK and EU regulators will approve the acquisition without any major concessions. That would be quite the contrast from the US regulator FTC, who are officially suing Microsoft over this deal.

Anyway, we just hope this one ends one way or another very soon as it's becoming quite tiring lately, especially for Xbox players who'd rather hear about release dates for Starfield, Redfall and other upcoming Xbox exclusives.


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