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Crytek and CIG have reached a settlement of their lawsuit

Published: 12:12, 21 February 2020
Updated: 12:20, 21 February 2020
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Crytek's lawsuit against the team behind Star Citizen in a California court on the grounds of contract breach has been settled. The two parties have come to an agreement and the Notice of Settlement has been sent to the district court of California.

Back in January this year, we've reported that Crytek's lawsuit against the team behind Star Citizen in a California court on the grounds of contract breach had taken a turn. The two parties were in the process of discovery, meaning they were interviewing each others' CEOs and employees in preparation for the upcoming trial.

The trial in question might not even occur as the plaintiff and the defendants have now reached an agreement. A notice of settlement dated 20th February reads:

"Pursuant to C.D. Cal. L.R. 40-2, Plaintiff Crytek GMBH and Defendants Cloud Imperium Games Corp. and Roberts Space Industries Corp., by and through their counsel of record, hereby notify the Court that they have reached an agreement in principle of terms to settle this action in its entirety and are working to document the terms of their agreement. 

Following execution of the agreement, the parties will promptly file a joint stipulation of dismissal. The parties respectfully request that the Court allow the parties thirty (30) days to document and execute their agreement and to file the joint stipulation of dismissal."

No details of the settlement have yet been made public. The two parties have probably settled on a mutually tolerable amount. The new agreement could mean that Star Citizen's single-player segment - Squadron 42 , will launch sometime in 2020, and maybe sooner than anyone thinks.

The case has now been settled and Crytek's motion to voluntarily dismiss its claims against CIG without prejudice, with the intention of filing the suit against CIG following the release of Squadron 42 was a part of the Joint Stipulation made back in January, before the two came to an agreement.

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